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Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses

Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses

Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses
Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses

Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses

Complete guide to Tattooing

3 Certificates and Comprehensive Training

Welcome to Skinart Tattoo Training Courses – See some of our students
We have been training tattoo artists for 16 years, during that time we have trained close too 300 artist and have helped student open more that 20 proper tattoo studios in shopping centers. Some of our students have won dozens of awards and we are proud that we started them on their amazing careers.
We offer the following , fully comprehensive courses:

  • Tattoo and piercing – 5 Days
  • Tattoo Only – 5 Days
  • Piercing Only – 1 Day
  • Permanent Make-up and Tattoo Only – 5 Days
  • Permanent Make-up , Tattoo and piercing course – 5 Days

We also offer additional modules

  • Tattoo Removal
Become a registered Tattoo Artist
Become a registered Tattoo Artist
Skinart Unique 33 Step tattoo training Program
Unique 33 Step tattoo training Program

Tattoo Training Courses – Introduction to Tattooing Video

SKINART Tattoo Training Courses

During our 5 day tattoo training courses we complete 3 or 4 practice tattoos on practice skins, here is an example of some of our students work. These were done in our Durban training center.

tattoo-students showing their first tattoos on practice skin

We provide you with 3 Certificates.

We offer a unique 36 step tattoo training program developed in our studios in South Africa.
For Full detail about our 5 day tattoo training course
We are often asked how we can possibly provide a complete tattoo training course in just 5 days, well we have been doing it for 15 years, we have trained doctors, lawyers, nurses, renown artists, circus performers, jewelry designers, graphic designers, models, male strippers, computer salesmen, bikers, professional wrestlers and even famous comedians.
Skinart Tattoo TrainingThis student was being trained to use a HAWK tattoo machine on a customer in a city center.

tattoo-students-and -trainer-gary

These Artist have since opened their own tattoo shop at the Hoedjiesbaai Hotel in Saldanha, western Cape. Well Done Guys!!!!


After our tattoo training course Tanya opened her own tattoo studio called the Tipsy Gypsy.
tattoo-training-students-durbanAfter the course this amazing artist went on to open her own tattoo studio called Bokkies Creations.
We have trained student that have opened studios all over South Africa, United Kingdom, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Australia and others. So whether you want to open your own business or just earn extra money or explore your creative side with a new art form our course is for you.

Tattoo training Course Capetown 2014
Tattoo training and Permanent Makeup Course  2014

For 15 years we have been training Students who have opened their own businesses all over the world.
Our Course is not just how to tattoo but how to run a successful tattoo studio, others claim to do the same but we can assure you their is no other course like ours. Our Master tattoo Trainer is a legend in South Africa and has trained students from all over the world.

Tattoo training Joburg
Tattoo Training students from 3 Different countries on the same course 2014


We developed our own unique tattoo training courses from the necessity to train a young art student into a competent tattooer in the shortest amount of time. At that time the only available training method was a 3 year apprenticeship that involved thousands of hours just shop minding, cleaning and making coffee.
Also many tattoo artists and even the shop owners had learnt many bad habits and students are taught the wrong things.
We organised all the technical skills into a 36 modules of intense study, as tattooing is more than just having knowledge about how to do the tattoos but more importantly training the hands, eyes and feet to do the process smoothly and efficiently.
Once the technical aspects are understood and the practical aspects of being a technically proficient tattoo artist are mastered it is then time for the artistic element of the tattoo to be studied.

We have developed a 5 day training program that includes all these into an easy to learn program divided into 33 basic steps.

Learning to do tattoos in the warmth of the afternoon sun

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Learn to tattoo from the professionals, we will improve your drawing skills, learn tattoo from our professional tattoo artists. Our Trainer has traveled extensively and will share the secrets of Tattooing with you.

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We travel to provide Tattoo Training this is in a conference roomtattoo training courses


The picture above are some students being trained in Conference room, It was one of the best facilities we have had from a hotel, our students tattooed many of the staff and they can’t wait for us to come back again.

Tattoo Training Course in a summer garden by the pool – January 2014

Skinart Tattoo Artist Training Courses

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We have been training tattoo artists for 16 years, during that time we have trained close too 300 artist and have helped student open more that 20 proper tattoo studios in shopping centers. Some of our students have won dozens of awards and we are proud that we started them on their amazing careers.